About Us

We ain't your typical Southern bakery. Take a minute to learn why.

There is just something about a handmade baked good that is quintessentially Southern. For me, it reminds me of growing up, smelling the malty aroma of my mom's homemade bread or the sweet smell of my grandmother's pound cake in the oven each year for special occasions. Each item was made with love in the vein of Southern tradition. A tradition where everyone is welcome and no one leaves hungry, where the company is great and the food, even better. A tradition that values a community that grows you strong and a faith that grows you good. It's that same vein of Southern hospitality that runs through Chapel Hill.

Given this history, I was surprised to see that Chapel Hill doesn't have a bakery that focuses solely on crafting quality breads and desserts in a simple fashion, ignoring the bells and whistles of fads. What if we had a bakery that gets at the roots of who we are as a town? A place that takes Southern hospitality and follows it through to its truest form?

You see, on any given night, there are 50 folks staying in the shelters on Rosemary and Homestead, and at least another 50 with no shelter at all. Even though Chapel Hill is one of the wealthiest towns in the state, it also has a poverty rate far greater than the state average - meaning we have hundreds of families at risk of becoming homeless any day now. Most of these folks experience significant barriers to employment, keeping them in poverty. What if there was a vocational training program that served as a bridge for individuals to transition out of homelessness and into financial security?

Made With Love Bakery seeks to be that bridge. We are starting a faith-based transitional employment bakery, assisting unemployed individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness in overcoming their employment barriers and obtaining stable housing.

Our bakery will serve baked goods steeped in Southern culture, kneading together family traditions and farm fresh ingredients, representing a folk-revival in baked form. The product is an artisanal bakery honoring our down-home heritage with the spirit of simplicity, reminding you that we live in the Southern part of Heaven. Each item is made with love - hand-crafted from scratch the old fashioned way, feeding you heart 'n soul. Our bakers, folks who traditionally have been excluded from employment opportunities, are mastering marketable skills that will support them as they transition out of homelessness. We value these ties that bind us - the simple joy of breaking bread or sharing dessert with a fellow community member, uniting the Old North State through food. We hope y'all will enjoy Made With Love Bakery.