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Our Mission

As a project of Love Chapel Hill, Made With Love Bakery is a non-profit, faith-based, transitional employment program that serves made-from-scratch baked goods and empowers homeless individuals with the love, training, and support they need to overcome poverty.

Our Vision

Made With Love Bakery exists to be an expression of the love of Jesus Christ to the marginalized and the poor by giving them a second chance at employment and equipping them with the training and support they need to overcome poverty. We seek to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our employees by providing support and development in each area. We hope, in doing so, that the Lord may bless us by building a stronger, more diverse community, where Love crosses the lines created by Hate and climbs the walls built by Fear.

Photo by CarolynMarie Photography
Photo by CarolynMarie Photography


Our Values

Made with Love
In everything we do, we aspire to do it with as much love as possible. We care deeply about our trainees, our staff, our customers, and our community. Because of this fact, that care and zeal should seep into our entire organization. We want folks to know who we are by the love we show to all, inside and outside the organization. It should leave a mark on Chapel Hill, transforming lives and taste buds.
Open to All, Closed to None
We will strive to create a welcoming space by ensuring a safe environment where individuals can express their views, beliefs, and identities without fear of physical, emotional, or spiritual harm. We expect everyone in the organization to be respectful to each individual. This means including everyone in our community, addressing issues directly and with tact, allowing everyone to participate as they are able, and letting each individual be the keeper of their story. We will not turn away any individual customer based on personal traits.
Supporting the Whole Person - Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Needs
We believe that individuals have physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. By supporting the whole person, all of these needs, they can overcome poverty. We will work to connect individuals to social services and to a supportive community to meet their physical and emotional needs. We will provide a safe spiritual place so that individuals will feel comfortable to discuss and practice their faith. While we are based out of a church and approach faith from a Christian perspective, we respect each individual's right to self-determination. Our intention is to support and help people grow in their physical, emotional, and spiritual lives.
Customer Service
We will serve quality products to our customers – giving them the best product we can make. Each baked good will be made from scratch, using local ingredients when possible, served up fresh. If anything is not as the customer wanted, we will do our best to make it right. The same applies for our services. Each trainee will have our best effort to support them as they transition into permanent housing and community employment. As such, we will do our best to train, teach, learn, connect, and be there for our trainees. We will treat all trainees with the utmost respect.
Sustainable Housing
In order to make a lasting impact, stopping the revolving door that keeps the same individuals on the street, we need to focus on sustainable, permanent housing. In order for housing to be sustainable, we need to ensure that individuals have the financial means to keep their housing after we leave their lives.
We believe in fighting for our employees. This means that once an individual becomes an employee of Made With Love Bakery, we will do everything we can to protect them and the health of the organization. We expect our employees to fight for our organization. That means that each employee represents our organization to the public. Together, we should work to support each other to participate as we are able.
Honesty is a huge component to our program. It is vital for the functioning of the organization. By honesty, we mean telling the truth, confronting issues with tact as they arise, and answering questions when asked. It is important for integrity and growth. We believe that this goes for the organization as well. We want to be clear about who we are and what we do. We want to be honest and transparent to our trainees, staff, customers, and community.