Our Program

The Bread and Butter of Made With Love Bakery

We are waiting to start the training program until we have grown to where we can sustainably support it. We are just in the initial stages of starting up and we want to be sure that we provide quality services, both in baked goods and in training job skills. In the meantime, we are starting to provide assistance with job searches, resume building, and interview coaching. If you are interested in receiving help or know someone in Chapel Hill, NC who needs help, please contact us.

When we start our transitional employment program working with unemployed individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness (hopefully, two years after we launch), this is what our program will provide:

Transitional Employment Program

Our Program

Hard Employment Skills

(Bakery and Trade Skills)

The tangible skills we teach our clients are marketable trades. Each trainee will go through a two year training program, learning all the skills to be an independent baker or work in the foodservice industry. They will be skilled craftspeople. Going a step further, we will also cover skills that apply to any small business - equipping individuals to choose their own career path, no matter the industry. These skills include baking, cleaning, kitchen management, health code requirements, leadership, finance, computer skills, budgeting, customer service, and sales.

Soft Employment Skills

These skills are more difficult to define, but are the ones that are absolutely necessary for all employment settings. These are communication skills, conflict resolution, timeliness, respect, presentation, etc. These are taught through modeling. These skills can be applied to any business and will help our trainees to find a job in any field they choose to pursue after graduation.

Our Program
Our Program

Case Management

We will work one-on-one with trainees to connect them to the services they need. We do not wish to reinvent the wheel or step on toes. By building relationships with service providers, we hope to be able to cover the needs of our trainees. These services are things like housing, physical and mental health services, pharmaceutical support, transportation, and childcare.

Life Skills

As trainees move through the program, they will work on other skills they may need. These are things like financial literacy and budget planning or goal planning. Each trainee will work with their baker-trainer to set out goals they wish to achieve while in the program. We will hold them accountable to these goals and celebrate with them as they accomplish goals, building up self-esteem and confidence in each individual along the way.

Our Program
Our Program

Support Groups

Support groups are vital for community building and connection with others in the program. They help individuals see that they are not alone, that others have gone through this, and that they can too. They are helpful for processing issues, both individual challenges and issues within and between the community of trainees. We will hold weekly support group meetings to assist individuals in connecting with the community and transitioning out of homelessness.